WSET Classes

WSET AWARD LEVELS THROUGH WINE EDUCATION INSTITUTE Each level of the WSET is designed to progressively introduce more complex wine training and concepts to students. Although levels can be skipped based on experience, we have found the most successful students complete each course in order. Those with 1-2 years industry experience often start with Level 2 at WEI. Please contact us with your experience level to receive permission to start at Level 2 in either Wine or Spirits. Those bundling the WEI Sommelier Certification with their WSET program will need to complete the WSET course before testing for Certified or Certified Advanced Sommelier.

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WSET Level 1 Wine

Explore the main styles and types of wine through sight, smell and taste in an online or in class format. Gain the basic skills to describe wine accurately, as well as make wine and food pairings.
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WSET Level 1 Spirits

Discover the main styles and types of spirits using sight, smell and taste to develop an understanding of the key factors that affect flavor and aroma. Gain a fundamental understanding on cocktail recipe creation.

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WSET Level 2 Wine & Spirits

This course gives students an excellent all-around product knowledge. This course is a suitable starting point for trade members with industry experience. WSET Level 1 is not a prerequisite for taking WSET Level 2.
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WSET Level 2 Spirits

Focused specifically in spirits, this course is designed for those pursuing a career in focused in spirits sales, service, and production.

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WSET Level 3 Wine

An advanced level qualification for professionals working in the wine industry and for wine enthusiasts.