Wine List Training

Owning your list

Know your list. Know the vintage changes and if they matter. Know the lateral sells, know the up sells. Leave your ego behind. Have the wines that your customers will buy, it’s not your personal cellar.


server wine noteIf it’s your list, you need to share that information. Getting servers to pay attention in staff meetings is never going to happen. Turn them on to wine, get them writing notes on EVERYTHING they taste. Not just their "impressions," but make them begin to analyse each wine, beer or spirit. Ask them about the wines, coach them. You should also have more detailed notes easily available for their reference. Not spec sheet level of details but every wine should have quick notes on region, varietals, flavor and aroma characteristics, selling points/features.

In case of OOS, have the ability to cross sell. Don’t attempt the upsell! If you must upsell be willing to discount for the inconvenience. Being out of stock of an item is your failure not the customers.


Can’t sell wine that you can’t find. Simple and reliable organization for your storage. Add it into the wine’s name in your POS, have a map with multiple entries for a single wine. Someone ordering the Chateau Palmer Margaux may ask for it that way or say “Palmer Margaux” or just say “Margaux”. Make it easy. Your time should not be spent locating wine where only you know where it is!